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There are a number of scorecards that need editing for various reasons. A list may be seen HERE . We have emailed all the Clubs Play-Cricket administrators to no avail. Please can someone from the Clubs involved add the missing data?

Please note this Friday is the last date for registering any players this season. There will be no new players permitted after this date for any reason, so please ensure if you have anyone to register you do it before Friday night.


Whilst it is the home team who are responsible for entering a scorecard, please will ALL Clubs check your scorecards early each week and add/amend any detail omitted by your opposition, particularly missing catchers. This was much better this week.

Please also note important information HERE.

Your affiliation fee for 2015 is now due. You will not receive a direct invoice as the affiliation fee is now paid online.

We have taken the step in 2015 to move to an online payment, as this not only saves year on year paperwork for volunteers but by collecting this relevant information that can be updated throughout the year it will enable us to improve our communications by sending relevant content to the relevant people. Whilst it may take around 5 minutes to complete the process this year, if in 2016 only one persons details have changed that is the only information you will need, as it will be stored against you club. As this is the first year we apologise if there are any teething problems.

Follow this link to view the affiliation packages and pay:

Click HERE for an image showing a simple tutorial of how to get setup to pay your affiliation. You will have the option of paying by card or you will be given an invoice to print for your records and an invoice number to attach with a cheque.

Once your payment has been confirmed and your listing has been authorized the person who registers for the affiliation will receive an email containing your affiliation certificate and a link to download all relevant information and offers that you are entitled to.

It is an obligation of all Shepherd Neame Kent Cricket League Clubs to pay such affiliation fees.

The latest Safeguarding newsletter from Kent Community Cricket may be see HERE

An important reminder to all Clubs to ensure all players are registered BEFORE they play in a League match. This is a simple process on Play-Cricket.

As in previous seasons, zero tolerance will be applied to breach of this requirement and match awarded to opposition if you are in breach.

We have a scorer seeking a Club, a rare event! He is looking for a Club in North Kent/Medway Towns/West Kent region.

Anyone seeking a scorer please contact Dick Ellis HERE

Please note. An email is required from the Club that a player has previously played for to confirming he has no debts is required before a transfer can be completed.

Please also note Clauses 3-6 HERE

The above course will be running for those clubs that have an overseas player and/or coach joining their club for the 2015 cricket season.

Details are as follows:-

Date: Monday 27th April 2015
Venue: Addington Village Cricket Club
Time: 8pm
Cost per person: £50

Players/coaches will be required to sit a short multiple choice test to ensure that they are up-to-date with current health & safety practices.

A module guideline is attached. Please ensure that those taking the module have a copy of this and have familiarised themselves with the content prior to course attendance.

Booking is now open via our website: